Making A Connection

Have you been struggling with the flood of social media sites for day-to-day communications? In my work as a professor of Social Work, I see person-to-person contacts lagging while network-to-network social connections multiply. With technological advances our contemporary society is more connected than ever. Connecting with others and recognizing their needs, and our own, providesContinue reading “Making A Connection”

Voting for All of Us: 2 Good Reasons to Vote

The 2020 Election, on November 3rd, provides us with an opportunity to exercise our right, as citizens, to vote for the candidate(s) we support. This year we have two very good reasons to vote.  First, there’s health and income security.   We need to speak up, with our vote, for candidates who support the Social SecurityContinue reading “Voting for All of Us: 2 Good Reasons to Vote”

Thoughts on Care Transitions During COVID 19

Helping transition someone, such as a family member or friend, from their home to a facility is often difficult and complex, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic. Even the mere decision to transition can result in a lengthy and tumultuous process that requires a great deal of thinking, evaluating, researching and understanding. This experience can require bothContinue reading “Thoughts on Care Transitions During COVID 19”