Books that offer timely information for smart aging…

The End of Old Age
Marc E. Agronin

This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism
Ashton Applewhite

Somewhere Toward the End, A Memoir
Diana Athill

The Sense of an Ending
Julian Barnes

Age Later : Health Span, Life Span, and the New Science of Longevity
Nir Barzilai, M.D. with Toni Robino

Old Age
Simone de Beauvoir

In Love
Amy Bloom

The Body: A Guide for Occupants
Bill Bryson

The Blue Zones, Second Edition: 9 Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest
Dan Buettner

Why Survive? Being Old in America
Dr. Robert N. Butler

Can’t We Talk about Something More Pleasant?: A Memoir
Roz Chast

The Creative Age: Awakening Human Potential in the Second Half of Life
Gene D. Cohen, M.D.

Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy – Until You’re 80 and Beyond
Chris Crowley

The Art of Death: Writing the Final Story
Edwidge Danticat

Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing, and Dying
Ram Dass

The Spectrum of Hope: An Optimistic and New Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias
Gayatri Devi MD

The Year of Magical Thinking
Joan Didion

On Living
Kerry Egan

Live Smart After 50! The Experts’ Guide to Life Planning
for Uncertain Times

Natalie Eldridge

Retire Right
Frederick T. Fraunfelder, MD & James Gilbaugh Jr., MD

The Fountain of Age
Betty Friedan

Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End
Atul Gawande

How To Be Old: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Retirement
Adapted by Richard Gerberding 

Ending Ageism, or How Not to Shoot Old People
Margaret Mroganroth Guillette

The Last Gift of Time: Life Beyond Sixty
Carolyn G. Heilbrun

The Force of Character And the Lasting Life
James Hillman

Disrupt Aging – A Bold New Path to Living Your Best Life at Every Age
Jo Ann Jenkins

When Breath Becomes Air
Paul Kalanithi

Old Age: A Beginner’s Guide
Michael Kinsey

Travels with Epicurus, A Journey to a Greek Island in Search of a Fulfilled Life
Daniel Klein

No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters
Ursula K. Le Guin

Old Age, Journey Into Simplicity
Helen M. Luke

Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble
Dan Lyons​

A Beginner’s Guide to the End: Practical Advice for Living Life and Facing Death
BJ Miller, MD and Shoshone Berger

The Summer of a Dormouse
John Mortimer

My Twice-Lived Life
Donald M. Murray

Aging: An Apprenticeship
Nan Narboe

Ageism: Stereotyping and Prejudice against Older Persons
Todd D. Nelson (Editor)

The Art of Aging: A Doctor’s Prescription for Well-Being
Sherwin B. Nuland

Stupid Things I Won’t Do When I Get Old: A Highly Judgmental, Unapologetically Honest Accounting of All the Things Our Elders Are Doing Wrong 
Steven Petrow

Healthy At 100
John Robbins

Successful Aging
John W. Rowe, M.D. and Robert L. Kahn, Ph.D.

Journal of a Solitude
May Sarton

At Seventy: A Journaland Encore: A Journal of the Eightieth Year
May Sarton

From Age-ing to Sage-ing
Rabbi Zalman Schachter

Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don’t Have To
David A. Sinclair PhD (Author), Matthew D. LaPlante (Author)

Ageless: The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Older
Andrew Steele

The Long History of Old Age
Pat Thane, Editor

What Are Old People For?
William H. Thomas

Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Well-Being
Andrew Weil M.D.

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