How Are You?

The COVID 19 pandemic has created a series of “new normals” for everyone.  For example, the new normal of wiping our groceries to rid leftover germs. The new normal for socializing-outside and at a distance. The new normal of wearing a mask. 

These “new normals” that are a part of daily life today can bring up new feelings or unearth existing feelings. For example, many have written about the impact of COVID 19 on people’s mental health, with upticks in the amount of people living with anxiety, depression and grief. Along with grieving the loss of family or friends who passed away as a result of COVID 19, it is completely understandable to experience grief and mourn the loss of our “old normals.” 

While these losses are in no equivalent, losing our “old normals” can still cause pain and longing. A time when we did not have to take these extra steps whenever we left or returned to our homes. When we could go to a movie, or a restaurant, and experience joy and connection and not fear of contracting a virus that we still seem to know little about.  A time when our decision-making was not burdened with risk for ourselves, our families and society as a whole. I miss those times.

So, how are you? What is a new normal you’re experiencing right now? Any silver linings?

One thought on “How Are You?

  1. The new normal has meant new anxieties about my extended family and how the pandemic has restricted my wife and I, as grandparents, from so many opportunities to see our children and grandchildren face-to-face. And when we do see them, it’s with masks and distancing. Of course, the virtual world has helped in some ways to ease the burden of separation, but we’ll welcome the normal times with open arms someday.


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